Can I sell my scrap aluminium?

Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal, meaning that it does not contain iron. In the scrap metal industry, non-ferrous metals are the most profitable. Selling your scrap aluminium is a quick and easy way to make profit from waste – especially since aluminium scraps are commonly found in most residential and commercial buildings.

How does recycling aluminium help the environment?

Aluminium holds a very unique and fascinating property: it can be recycled continuously without losing its original qualities. In fact, this property alone is the reason why almost two-thirds of aluminium that has ever been produced is still being used today! Recycling your scrap aluminium therefore saves energy, natural resources, landfill space and ultimately helps to minimise pollution.

What is the price of scrap aluminium per kg in Birmingham?

There are two main variables besides the grade that influence the price of scrap aluminium per kilogram:

  • Market supply and demand, which tends to fluctuate based on manufacturing cycles throughout the year
  • Whether the aluminium is attached to any other materials, such as plastic or screws (you’ll be able to get a higher price if your scrap aluminium is not connected to anything else).

As such, your scrap aluminium will attract a unique price based on all these factors, so it’s best to get in touch with us to find out exactly how much profit you can make on it.

Where can I sell scrap aluminium for the best prices?

Based in Birmingham, Metal Recycling Birmingham offers highly competitive pricing on all ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, including aluminium. Whether you are selling scrap wire, cans, car parts or other forms of aluminium, we will be interested in collecting and buying your metal.