What type of scrap batteries can I sell?

The scrap batteries most commonly bought by scrap metal buyers are lead-acid batteries. These batteries can be found in most cars and trucks, as well as some heavy machinery (such as excavators).

Unfortunately, despite the fact that lead-acid batteries are almost entirely recyclable, they rarely are. Most batteries end up in landfill. This causes toxins and hazardous substances to leak, which creates risks for the environment and the health of people and animals.

How can recycling lead-acid batteries help the environment?

Recycling scrap lead-acid batteries is beneficial for the environment in two different ways. Firstly, recycling reduces the number of batteries being sent to landfill, hence minimising the risk of hazardous substances leaking into the surrounding environment.

Secondly, recycling lead-acid batteries means that the finite natural resources from which they are made are put to maximum use. Rather than producing new batteries from the shrinking number of natural resources, therefore, recycling means these materials can be extracted from old scrap batteries.

How do I handle old vehicle batteries?

Always handle old scrap batteries with care. Lead-acid batteries contain potentially explosive gases and can easily burn you if you don’t take the right safety measures. Only licensed professionals can recycle lead-acid batteries, however, if you do need to handle your batteries before a professional can get there, we urge you to observe the following safety precautions:

  • Do not attempt to remove lead or plastic from the battery – this needs to be done by a licensed professional
  • Wear safety goggles, gloves and clothing that protects your hands and body
  • Store batteries far away from any sources of ignition (such as cigarettes and open flames).

Where can I sell scrap batteries near me?

Metal Recycling Birmingham takes the guesswork out of selling scrap batteries. We are scrap metal buyers based in Birmingham and we provide metal collection services for residential, commercial and industrial sites throughout Birmingham.