Can I sell scrap cans for profit?

A common misconception is that scrap metal must come in the form of large machinery in order to be valuable. This is not true! You can sell all kinds of metal for profit to scrap metal buyers. That includes small everyday items that are easily collectible – like scrap soft drink cans.

Which other common household items can I sell?

Aluminium can be found in many other common household items. These items can all be sold for a surprisingly rewarding profit to scrap metal buyers. Besides cans, the following items all contain aluminium:

  • Food containers and cooking utensils
  • Aerosol packaging (including deodorant and air freshener cans)
  • Gaming consoles and tablets
  • Bicycle frames
  • Various car parts (including wheels and engines).

What are the prices for scrap cans in Birmingham?

The price for scrap cans changes constantly due to market supply and demand, and hence, it is difficult to provide exact numbers. However, if you’d like to know how to maximise the value of your scrap cans, we recommend collecting them over time so that their combined weight is as high as possible. Since scrap metal is bought in kilograms, accumulating it rather than selling it immediately is therefore the most profitable way to sell scrap cans.

Where can I sell scrap cans near me?

Metal Recycling Birmingham is the best place to sell your scrap metal. We buy both ferrous and non-ferrous metals at rates that are most competitive according to the current market. We offer free collection bins for you to store on your site and collect all your scrap metal in one place. Once your bin is full, simply give us a call for our 24-hour collection service and we will pick up and price your metal.